Dodgy Pays Lynton £2.4 Million For The Election And Then Knights Him

The lying lobbying firm co-owned by Lynton Crosby was given a tidy £2.4 million to act as the campaign strategist for Dodgy-Dave in the last election. Having secured him victory with just 24.4% of the electorate Dodgy then awarded Crosby a knighthood.

Dodgy is well known for his ‘jobs for the boys’ policy and nothing else brings this into such sharp focus as this little symbiotic appreciation. This sum was just the tip of the iceberg though as in total the Cameron Cronies spent a princely sum of £16 million to get into Number 10. Something the rest of us will be paying back over the next 4 and a half years plus some considerable interest.

Never ceases to amaze us at TheField how they manage to throw money at some things, like themselves, but can never find so much as loose change for anyone else. That’s probably why so many consider Dodgy to be a right selfish, self-centred bastard.


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