Can We Bring Back The Letter ‘T’? Fought Not!

Drives us up the wall at TheField. “I fort a fing and the fing was a fort!”  We here at TheField Towers blame that bloody awful Eastenders crap. We have a generation growing up who actually fink vay should say fort. What the hell is so difficult about a letter ‘T’ or, even worse, a ‘TH’?

Ashume really gets on ours tits as well. That along with a conshumer! Where the bloody hell did the ‘SH’ come from? It’s assume – no ‘H’ – which is an ‘atch’ not a bloody ‘Hay-Atch’!! Those who couldn’t read and had extra lessons where they had to say the sound of the letters are seeking their revenge. They were forced to read ‘HAT’ as “HAY-Atch – Aaa- Tee” – ‘HAT’! In the same way it is a consumer – no ’H’!

That’s before we get onto the Americanisation of our language with cak like ‘two-times’ instead of ‘twice’!! We all need a lie down here in the office before we explode.

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