So How Does Giddy Get Away With Allowing Google To Pay Just £130 Million?

The answer to that is pretty simple – because he couldn’t give a toss. He also gets away with it because we have the most neutered press any of us at TheField can ever remember. In the past they have been dismissive but now we have one that encourages it.

Those who have followed the Google ‘put a £1 in here and call it something different before sending 50p of it here and the other 50p of it there’ reckon they are into about £4.5 Billion a year and yet, somehow, Giddy only manages to get £130 Million out of them in total!!! If that was all over just 1 year then it’s tax of less than 3%! It’s a sham, a con, an utter travesty and the media don’t give a cak.

The Bullingdon Boys Club have even gone out of their way to find individuals who can ‘justify’ this farce. These days though the BBC are all so far up the tory crack hole we are pretty sure they are run from Downing Street and the grubby hands of Crosby appear to be all over them.

While the media allow the tories to do what so ever they like then you can bet the slimy little gits will look to get away with everything they can for the 1%.


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