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Can We Bring Back The Letter ‘T’? Fought Not!

Drives us up the wall at TheField. “I fort a fing and the fing was a fort!”  We here at TheField Towers blame that bloody awful Eastenders crap. We have a generation growing up who actually fink vay should say … Continue reading

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Barclays Premier League Table

Could Be A Few Jobs On The Line If This Keeps Up.

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How Is It That Politicians Can Never Get It Right?

They love to think they are ‘one of the people’. The current crop of Oxbridge millionaires couldn’t be any further removed. Even something as simple as drinking a pint of beer is a mystery to these social misfits. They may … Continue reading

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MPs Likely To Quiz BBC Over Savile – They’ve Got Some Neck On Them!!!!

We wish we had made this story up. MPs, yes that’s Members of Parliament, are very likely to call in senior figures from the BBC to explain if changes have been made following the Savile Scandal and what they are … Continue reading

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Dodgy Pays Lynton £2.4 Million For The Election And Then Knights Him

The lying lobbying firm co-owned by Lynton Crosby was given a tidy £2.4 million to act as the campaign strategist for Dodgy-Dave in the last election. Having secured him victory with just 24.4% of the electorate Dodgy then awarded Crosby … Continue reading

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As Always, The Establishment Looks After Its Own: Janner

There were three opportunities to put Greville Janner before a jury yet somehow both police and prosecutors seemed to have decided not to. An independent inquiry discovered that there were missed opportunities first in 1991, then in 2002 and then … Continue reading

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The 1% Just Keep Getting Richer And Stronger

It doesn’t seem possible when you think of how many people there are on the planet but Oxfam tell us it’s true. The Top 1% are so rich they really do equal the wealth of the remaining 99%. It has … Continue reading

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