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The Department Of Education Are Told That A School Place For Every Child Could Be “Undeliverable”

The councils in England have a legal duty to ensure that every child has a school place but that is looking less and less likely come this September. With a population bulge about to hit secondary schools, councils want powers … Continue reading

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Will Dodgy-Dave Survive After The Referendum Vote?

The tory splits that the right-wing, millionaire owned press barons do not want discussed. The splits that have every Cabinet member wandering around with a dagger in their hand and one eye on their own backs. Ever ready to deal … Continue reading

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Premier Football: Results & League Table

Today’s Results And The Fixtures On Sunday

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Warning As Teachers Leave England To Live A Life Elsewhere

After years of claiming there is no crisis in the recruitment it has finally dawned on Ofsted that something is going wrong. Thousands of teachers are being lured abroad with lucrative pay packages as England’s schools grapple with a recruitment … Continue reading

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Jimmy Sa-Vile And The BBC – Has Anything Changed?

The review by Dame Janet Smith was released today and we were all reminded of the trail of misery that Sa-Vile has left behind him. The DG at the BBC, Hall, did the classic hand wringing and told us all … Continue reading

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Dodgy-Dave Clears Up Any Doubts Any Had That He Really Is A Right Cheap-Skate

He may have been to Eton and Oxford but clearly he missed every talk about social skills. A year of PSE would have done him a power of good but we guess he is just too arrogant to attend such … Continue reading

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The First Three Things That Bother Us About This Referendum

The first one that is worrying us here is just how much is this little pantomime going to cost us? We can’t see the bunch of tight gits dipping into their own pockets so it seems pretty obvious they will … Continue reading

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