What A Great Day To Be An MP!

Remember that, “all in this together” load of old bollox? We knew it was all cak and so it has proved. So what is so great about today for an MP? Just the three things as it happens!

They, yes, THEY, have voted to end the automatic naming of MPs who get arrested. Can you believe it? They ‘represent’ us yet don’t imagine you should know when they have been up to no good, allegedly. They think they are special and they think they deserve to be treated specially. They really do take the piss.

Did you know that in April they all get yet another pay raise of 1.3% even though they have capped the public sector to 1% until 2019? That means they can all pocket yet another £962 a year on top of their 10% pay rise 9 months ago which took them to £74,000. They really do just take the piss.

Just for a real laugh the third kick-in-the-teeth for all us plebs is that they have all gone off on holiday for some sort of ‘half-term’. What do they do for all this money? Next time you hear one of them bleating, “we are not here for the money” then remember to tell them they really are just taking the piss.


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