Thanet South Election To Be Probed By The Electoral Commission

Seems to have been weeks ago that Channel 4 highlighted this with a report from Michael Crick. Finally the Electoral Commission have decided that the spending by the Tory Party needs to be looked into.

It’s all about declaring how much your party spends during the election and then to keep within cleared defined limits. What looks to have happened is that two rather large hotel bills seem to have been ‘overlooked’ which means the Tories managed, just, to remain within the limit. This meant that Craig Mackinlay could take up his seat in the Commons and to state that all the spending was legal and “correctly recorded” – well he would say that wouldn’t he?

What is odd is that at this stage the police are not involved. In fact Kent Police says it will not pursue an investigation over individual candidate spending in Thanet South during the commission’s review. A spokeswoman said, “At this stage the matter will sit with the Electoral Commission. Kent Police officers will liaise closely with the Electoral Commission and investigate if appropriate.”

Just adds a further delay which many will hope means that everybody forgets about it – a classic Tory Dodge.

Someone who will not forget it or let it go away though is Nigel Fromage. The Big Cheese of UKIP was the candidate who lost out in South Thanet seat and you can bet your last euro that he will not let this one be forgotten.

thanet win

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