Dodgy-Dave Breaths A Sigh Of Relief As Boorish Joins The Group To Remove Workers Rights

Boorish Johnson kept Dodgy hanging on overnight before announcing that he wanted to put himself firmly in the 1% Group. Dodgy was worried he would join the ‘In’ Crowd and make life difficult for him. Fortunately for Dodgy, Boorish wants to remove all workers’ rights, get them all on zero-hour contracts, ignore all environmental concerns and to not have to answer to anybody. He doesn’t mind an election each 5 years because the boundaries have been so fixed that the outcome is a forgone conclusion.

Johnson was quick to release the news of his decision through his Press-Agent, Laura Kuenssberg. Although still wetting her knickers at the excitement of having spoken to Boorish she was keen to point out that she had been told to report it would be a boost to his new found team members.

When we approached Boorish later in the day he refused to give an interview to our That-There London correspondent.

Fast Show boris

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