The First Three Things That Bother Us About This Referendum

The first one that is worrying us here is just how much is this little pantomime going to cost us? We can’t see the bunch of tight gits dipping into their own pockets so it seems pretty obvious they will be using our money – again. That’s going to come to a tidy sum which makes us then wonder who will audit all of this. How many little trips will we see ‘around the country’ to stay in hotels for some ‘very important’ meetings. The phrase ‘a licence to print money’ certainly springs to mind. I’m sure we can trust them though, don’t you?

Tied into the cost is the query as to why the whole process is going to take 4 months? Where the hell did that come from? Are they planning on coming around to us individually? Have they not heard of the Interweb and the speed that brings to communication? It all seems pretty long drawn-out process for just one obvious reason which leads us to our third question.

Just how impotent will parliament be for the entire four months? Looks like if that is the case then one hell of a lot of MPs have just started a 4 month holiday! Another one! On top of their two, and in some cases three, pay rises!

More deviously does it mean that Dodgy-Dave will go a whole third of a year without any scrutiny? What little grubby deals will he look to ‘slip under the door’ while he thinks nobody is looking? It is this aspect that might end up costing us a hell of a lot more than the invoices and expenses.

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