Jimmy Sa-Vile And The BBC – Has Anything Changed?

The review by Dame Janet Smith was released today and we were all reminded of the trail of misery that Sa-Vile has left behind him. The DG at the BBC, Hall, did the classic hand wringing and told us all that, as usual in these cases, lessons had been learnt. We very much doubt it.

Rather than start asking why it was that senior people at the BBC didn’t know what was going on they have been happy to leave it in this dodgy phrase of the ‘culture at the time was different’. Sounds like a lot of old bollox to us. Nobody seems to have asked how it is that if they didn’t know what was happening was that because they didn’t WANT to know what was happening. The more people they talked to then the more there were who seemed to have ‘heard rumours’ but somehow nobody thought to find anything out.

In a classic deflection manoeuvre it seems Tony Blackburn is going to carry the can. Who knows what he does and doesn’t know but we feel pretty sure you could apply that to just about all of them in the BBC at the time. 

Oh course we could also ask what the royal family, Charles for instance, knew about the affairs of Sa-Vile and what Thatcher had been told and yet seems to have chosen to ignore. We’d make a guess that is something that will never be revealed.

What is still very interesting is that although Jerry Sadowitz pointed it out as far back as 1987 the tapes of his act revealing what Sa-Vile was up to have all been removed from the Interweb. All feels like three steps forward and two steps back.

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