Warning As Teachers Leave England To Live A Life Elsewhere

After years of claiming there is no crisis in the recruitment it has finally dawned on Ofsted that something is going wrong. Thousands of teachers are being lured abroad with lucrative pay packages as England’s schools grapple with a recruitment crisis where the government missed its teacher trainee recruitment targets for the past four years.

It has got to the stage where recruitment agencies were actively targeting newly qualified teachers, he claimed, as well as more experienced classroom professionals – with “enticing offers of competitive, usually tax-free salaries, free accommodation and often the prospect of working in warmer, sunnier climes”.

The obvious solution to this is to improve the lot of the classroom teacher so as it becomes, once again, an attractive proposition to teach in England. Of course this is not something the Dept. of Ed can consider. The best they are thinking of is what is known as a ‘Golden Handcuff’ where you financially penalise teachers if they dare to consider trying to make their lives better for themselves and their families. Yeah, that’ll help.

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