The Department Of Education Are Told That A School Place For Every Child Could Be “Undeliverable”

The councils in England have a legal duty to ensure that every child has a school place but that is looking less and less likely come this September. With a population bulge about to hit secondary schools, councils want powers to open new maintained schools and to compel academies to expand.

Of course the ‘heads up their arses’ members of the Dept. of Ed. have responded with their usual, ‘It’s all poppy-cock because we know best’ approach that everyone is just about getting sick of. That nauseating little git Nick Gibb even showed his face and claimed it was all ‘scaremongering’. What does he know?

The crazy thing is that this rise in the numbers is no surprise – it’s been in the books for years!

It all seems pretty clear that a failure to do anything now to solve the problem will result in yet more chaos, children being taught in Portakabins, larger class sizes and many having to take places in schools away from their neighbourhood.

Thousands of children are due to hear on Tuesday which secondary school they will attend from September and just how far they will have to travel to attend. It comes to something when solicitors like Simpson Millar, who specialise in admissions appeals, state that their own research indicates that demand for secondary places this year will begin to outstrip supply. No doubt Nicky Morgan-Gove and Nick Gibb will remain in Westminster with their heads stuck firmly up their own arses.

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