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So Just How Big Of A Chancer Is Boorish Johnson?

Just About THIS Big  

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Dodgy-Dave Breaths A Sigh Of Relief As Boorish Joins The Group To Remove Workers Rights

Boorish Johnson kept Dodgy hanging on overnight before announcing that he wanted to put himself firmly in the 1% Group. Dodgy was worried he would join the ‘In’ Crowd and make life difficult for him. Fortunately for Dodgy, Boorish wants … Continue reading

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FA Cup Update

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The Dodgy Sham Of An EU Referendum

It’s all about Dodgy-Dave doing what suits him and his ‘nearest and dearest’. If you imagine it is anything other than that then you have not been following the series. An EU Portfolio

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Thanet South Election To Be Probed By The Electoral Commission

Seems to have been weeks ago that Channel 4 highlighted this with a report from Michael Crick. Finally the Electoral Commission have decided that the spending by the Tory Party needs to be looked into. It’s all about declaring how … Continue reading

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Apparently There Was A Group Called ‘The Beatles’ – Ever Heard Of Them?

After the Grammy Awards they usually hold a few parties. The rich, famous and both attend these parties but only if they are allowed in. The hosts of these parties like it to be known in the social-circles just who … Continue reading

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A Blast From The Blast – The Sinclair ZX Spectrum

For those of us who started computing back in the 1980’s then the name Sinclair is well known. It is Sir Clive Sinclair who came up with some nutty ideas but at the heart of it all were his computers. … Continue reading

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