The 14 MPs Who Don’t Believe In The Austerity Mantra Of ‘Living Within Your Means’

While we are all left to check every penny some MPs carry on without a care in the world. They have an official credit card that is issued to MPs but who do not seem to have read the terms and conditions of its use.

Following the Expenses Scandal back in 2008 the lax rules of the time have been tightened and MPs are now required to justify the purchase of their duck house or the repair to their tennis court. As a result of this increased scrutiny it seems 14 members of the House have had their official cards blocked.

The roll of honour goes as follows:

credit cards

Now here’s the real kicker. This official credit card comes Interest-Free! Yes, they don’t care if they don’t pay it off – no interest gets added!!! “All in it together”; our arses.

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