An 80 Space Car Park In The Centre Of Hampshire – Never, Ever Been Used

They had a great idea 5 years ago when they built a gym in the centre of Farnborough. As a bonus to their customers they turned their roof into a car park for up to 80 cars. The trouble is nobody has ever been able to find the access point to it!

There was to have been a bridge that would lead you up to this exclusive roof-top car park but it never got built when the Giddy Osborne ‘Long Term Economic Plan’ took another nose dive and they ran out of money. The bridge needed a second building to be built but it just never happened so the poor gym has been left with the white elephant in the room – on the roof.

A local town centre councillor said, “We have a massive problem with car parking in Farnborough. To have had this huge car park lying empty defies belief. It is ridiculous.”

You can say that again!

car park

THIS is a roof, not on the ground but up above the gym!

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