England v Wales Comes Down To A Tense Last 10

It was like they were trying to lose it at one stage! It got us here at TheField office back on our old hobby-horse of the use of replacements.

We are all firm believers that IF you are losing then you must do something different. Stands to reason; whatever you’ve been doing clearly hasn’t worked.

We also believe that IF you are winning then don’t bugger about with something that isn’t broke! If you are winning then you must be doing something right. All too often it looks like the ‘give them all a game’ mentality takes over and the whole flow and pattern of the team is ruined.

All worked out in the end but we can do without that last 10 minutes:

England 25-21 Wales

Lots of good pictures on the interweb and here are a selection of the best in no particular order:

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