Was IDS Sacked Or, For PR Reasons, Did He Resign?

Tonight was a real Stop The Press moment! We have a roundup of the whole ‘Cuts to Disability Benefits’ half written and then THE news broke!

Iain and Duncan Smith have ‘resigned’. Bollox, we reckon he was well and truly sacked. He’s given Dodgy-Dave grief over DWP the entire time he has been there and then stabs him in the back by trying to lead the ‘Out’ campaign.

He signed his own resignation letter and when, as the last couple of days have proved, it’s down to Giddy or IDS then IDS is out on his ear!

What we all want to see now is that dreadful McVile copycat, the hideous Priti Useless, kicked out on her big, fat, smug arse.

Don’t get carried away yet though – he’s not actually gone yet and the vote for the cuts has not been turned over yet.


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