Ed Vaizey Certainly Isn’t Riding The Superfast Super Highway!

Vaizey believes he is the minister for ICT. You can search TheField using the button on the right to see just what a great job he has made of that. Now do remember the bloke has been in the same job now for 6 years and he has ‘suddenly’ spotted something!

It has finally occurred to him that charging around £18 to £20 as part of your Broadband Package when you don’t use the landline to make a phone call is a tad “outdated”. He’s like IDS – another one who has taken 6 years to ‘see the light’.

It has suddenly occurred to him that householders should only pay for the services they actually use, describing the current system as an “analogue billing system in a digital world”. He has really put his foot down and has ‘invited’ BT, TalkTalk, Virgin and Sky to pop in for a chat. Yes, he’s ‘invited’ them. Well, that’s telling them.

Our bet from here is that it’s probably best you don’t start spending that £18 to £20 anytime soon. Nothing will change for about 4 years and all that will happen is you will still pay it but they will call it something different.

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