Poor Old Sajid Javid Has His Family Holiday Ruined

We all thought the Business Secretary was on a very important official visit to Australia. All part of his role of promoting the country and explaining the opportunities there are for investors over here.

Now the first thing that rather bungled up this trip for him was that the Tata Board was having a very important meeting in Mumbai. It does rather look as if poor old Javid didn’t realise this was a crunch meeting with regard to the possible ending of steel production in most of the UK.

When it was pointed he probably ought to get his arse over to Mumbai there does appear to have been something of a reluctance to do so. Could that have been because he just happened to have brought along his daughter with him for a few days R&R after his pressure meetings with the Australians? Who knows but he sudden wanted to make it clear he had paid his daughter’s costs.

Having realised that it didn’t look good for the steel plant at Port Talbot to be threatened with closure while he was on a family jolly over in Oz he leapt on a plane back – at least, he would have done if he hadn’t missed the one he planned to be on.

Every time Javid comes out these days he looks more and like an angry Mr Bean and now both his competence and judgement are brought into question. We doubt he knows, much like the rest of the cabinet, very much about steel and manufacturing. Banks and banking are fine but work that might involve getting your hands dirty? Very unlikely.

It might be a red-herring but it is with noting that Port Talbot is part of the Aberavon constituency where the Tories came a very poor third: just saying.

We assume he didn’t do a ‘Nancy Cameron’ and did manage to remember to return with his daughter.


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