Is That REALLY The Worst Thing You Can Say To Somebody On A Rugby Field?

Joe Marler is a prop. For those who don’t know what that involves, we’ll make it simple. When they call a ‘scrum’ he binds his arm around a player from his team and then places his head either between those of two players from the other side or to the side of just one – cheek-to-cheek. This is true face-to-face stuff and really couldn’t get much more confrontational seeing as it happens frequently during a game.

If the game is a close one then this gets pretty intense. If it is an international match in the 6-Nations it gets very, very intense. It is entirely possible that the players might get a tad excited. We’re sure you can see that.

During one of these encounters Marler spoke to a member of the opposition. Not the smartest comment in the world, far from it, but, we guess to upset his opponent, he referred to him as “Gipsy Boy” given that he came from a Travelling Community. Marler, we assume, thought this might give him ‘the edge’ at a vital scrum.

The 6-Nations disciplinary committee didn’t see anything even close to anything funny and conducted an investigation. They pretty much told him to stop being a pratt and Marler apologised to his opposite number. The end of it.

Not these days. With something that smells strongly of double-jeopardy World Rugby decided to step in and fine him £20,000 and ban him for 2 matches.

Now given the language and abuse we have heard on many sports fields, including rugby ones, these disciplinary boards are going to be meeting pretty regularly if this is deemed enough for a 2 match ban and a fine. LINK

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