As Usual With Dodgy-Dave: Think About What He Leaves Out – Video

As is always the case when it comes to the Bullingdon Boy very often it is what he doesn’t say that is far more illuminating. He is always very careful with his words but all that actually does is reveal the Black Hole in much of what he says.

Two obvious thoughts come out of this clip. How many shares and such has he sold in the last week? He might not have any when he spoke but what about before? You also have to wonder about this idea that he didn’t benefit from the Tax arrangements of his father. Seems odd. Who paid to feed and clothe him? Who paid for Eton and to get him through Oxford? Are we really expected to believe he had a Right-Pocket fund and a Left-Pocket fund? Dodgy or what?

Must be time to check-out Sam Cam as well although he’ll tell us they have separate accounts, that’s for sure!


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