So Who Is Paying £53K A Year For A Fashion Advisor?

We are. By ‘we’ that’ll be those of us plebs who actually pay taxes to run this country. It’s not the first of April but we really are paying someone £53,000 a year to act as a ‘fashion advisor’.

Now that alone is ridiculous enough but the real ‘swift kick in the groin’ is the fact that the person being ‘advised’ is none other than Samantha Cameron – yes, that Samantha Cameron.

Just on a very basic level we have to ask, “What the hell does a fashion advisor do?” Does Sam get told which leg to put into her knickers first? Assuming she wears any.

It seems this ‘special adviser’ is on hand to help Sam with her social diary and her fashion style. We just couldn’t make this utter shite up! To carry out this exacting task the holder of the post is being paid £53k. Sam Cam is 44 years-old, if she doesn’t know how to dress herself by now then the chances are it is all far, far too late. As is easy to imagine it is, naturally, a ‘jobs for the boys’ appointment in the shape of Rosie Lyburn whose dad just happened to be the Tory politician Lord Elliott. She’s also chums with William and Kate.

It seems the 28 year-old Rosie has experience in this field as she used to be a model. In our book that means she managed to put some clothes on the right-way-round and then walk up and down a bit. Her salary of £53k compares very well with the national average of £26,500 a year.

It’s like Dodgy Dave actually wants us to take the piss out of him.

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