Dodgy-Dave Gets Upset At Being Called Dodgy-Dave

Dodgy-Dave took the stage in the pantomime known as the House of Commons and realised that he had been rumbled. Given attack is the best form of defence, Dodgy-Dave set out to defend those who use ‘legal’ tax evasion as opposed to illegal tax evasion. Of course, as we all know, the difference is only there because those who can exploit the ‘legal’ ones are the ones who get to vote of the tax laws in the first place – nice.

What Dodgy-Dave doesn’t like is if you ask him, what is the difference between the Tax from Avoidance and the Tax from Evasion actually paying for our hospitals and schools and everything else? Of course the ‘difference’ is bugger-all – none of it goes to pay for what the country needs to run.

It may have been this level of hypocrisy that sent Dennis Skinner to his feet today as he pointed out to Dodgy-Dave that 76% of the country refer to him as Dodgy-Dave. Now as we know, Dodgy-Dave is not that good with 100% honesty – just look at the first four days of responses to ‘The Panama Papers’ last week – so didn’t like the Dodgy-Dave reference and gave Speaker John Bercow a look.

So poor 84-year-old Skinner is evicted from the House for telling the truth while Dodgy-Dave sits there with that smug, ‘I had two gifts of £100k and didn’t pay any tax’ look on his face.

Dodgy-Dave gets dodgier by the day.


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