Well It Is One Way To Solve The Teacher Shortage Problem

The university admissions body UCAS has recorded that the number of applications for teacher training fell by 6.5% compared to the previous year here in England.

This is clearly not what Nicky Morgan-Gove wants to hear so there needs to be a bit of work done on these figures to make out everything is wonderful. That’s easy if you move the goalposts. Not that they would, of course!

Not unsurprisingly those who actually do the job and know what they are talking about are not too impressed and suggest that they “don’t provide reassurance” that the teacher supply crisis is being addressed. The 3 Nicks, Morgan-Gove, Gibb and that half-wit Boles, don’t like that idea though so they’ve looked for a way around it.

Now in 2014, 45,400 students applied and 23,700 were given places which represented an acceptance rate of just over 52%.

By contrast, in 2015, only 42,400 students applied yet 25,300 were given places which represented an acceptance rate of almost 60%.

So even though there was a fall in the number of applications the acceptance rate went up by nearly 7%. Now there’s a funny thing.

We were wondering, did they employ a moderator to confirm that the standard ‘Accepted’ in 2015 was the same as that ‘Accepted’ in 2014? We doubt it but wouldn’t THAT be interesting???

Worth noting that data released by the Dept. for Education showed targets for the number of new trainee teachers were missed for the third year running. Looks to us like they have found a way to get over this problem – dodgy or what?

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