When You Are In A Hole Just Stop Digging Morgan-Gove

There is a lesson for the whole of the government here. When it comes to any reform of their working conditions then nothing changes. There are still 650 seats in the House and there are now more Lords than 6 years ago. When it comes to everybody else though they expect it all to happen in 6 weeks. Just ridiculous.

Having tried to ruin every school in the country alongside ruining our NHS it’s great to see it blow up in their face although you can bet your bottom 5p they will find somebody else to blame for the cock-up rather than themselves.

Some little smartarse thought it would be a great idea to have a ‘Spelling Test’. Yes, learn to spell some words that they might never ever use but at least they can learn how to spell them. Really useful.

Teachers pointed out this was all pants and was too much, too soon, too quickly, but, as usual, they were met with deaf ears from the 3-Nicks.

So to aid the marking of this pointless exam a school was selected to trial the spelling test that half a million seven-year-olds are due to sit in May. There is a bit of a problem though – some of the youngsters seemed to know the questions already!

Yes, the entire paper is available on the Interweb! It’s been there long enough for the trial group to have found it so everybody else has loads of time to ‘mug-up’ on it.

Just guess what the response was. A Dept. of Ed. spokesperson said it was “deeply regrettable it had happened”. You couldn’t make it up. Morgan-Gove, Gibb and Boles should all be out on their ear but it’ll never happen. These incompetent halfwits are actually the ‘best’ they’ve got! Heaven help us.

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