Given Some Of The Rescues Around The World This Decision Is Very Distasteful

None of us here at TheField know anything about salvage or rescuing people. We are aware of cases around the world though where people have been recovered from some very dangerous situations. That said we find the decision taken at the Didcot Power Station very difficult to understand.

There are still three bodies trapped in the rubble. They are Ken Cresswell, 57, Christopher Huxtable, 34, and John Shaw, 61. The decision has been taken to demolish what is left of the site with explosives. They say that the rubble is too unstable to search and engineers think it could collapse at any time.

Not unsurprisingly the family of one of the missing workers trapped in the collapsed Didcot A Power Station say they will fight the decision to demolish the rest of the site with explosives. Let’s be honest, it really does seem an incredibly heartless decision to take which appears to be motivated more by cost than safety.


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