Princess Lottie And Her Birthday Gifts – All In This Together

The presents for a 1 year-old. Yes, she’s one. What the hell does she need all this lot for?

  • Silver rattle – President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico
  • White gold rattle with diamonds, rubies and sapphires – The Natural Sapphire Company valued at £30,000
  • Willow hand-woven rattle – Ciaran Hogan, basketmaker
  • Set of silk figurines depicting Dream of the Red Chamber – President Xi Jinping of China
  • Jigsaw, cuddly toy “Bo” dog, rocking chair, baby blanket – President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
  • Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales – David Cameron {secondhand copy}
  • Snowsuit, book, and £54,000 charity donation – Stephen Harper, former Canadian prime minister
  • Snowsuit – Wellington Rugby, New Zealand
  • Sleepsuit – New Zealand Rugby
  • Teddy bears, baby blankets, bootees made from Stansborough wool – Prime Minister John Key of New Zealand
  • Pink dress embroidered with “From Israel With Love” – President Reuven Rivlin
  • Merino wool cot blanket and £5,200 donation to mountain pygmy-possum sanctuary – Government of Australia
  • Bhutanese coat – King and Queen of Bhutan
  • Set of biodegradable nappies probably from Aldi – Pippa Middleton {cheapskate}
one year old haircut

Just Like Her Dad

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