Seems The Basis of The Hunt Argument Is Based On Flawed Data

Who would have thunk it? The mantra of The Hunt has been based on his claim about the mortality rates at weekends. After some researchers from Oxford University have taken a look at the data it seems it is all guff and fluff.

It also appears that you don’t need to be top level statistician you just need to do a simple check. The academics found more than a third of patients recorded as being admitted for a stroke were actually in for other things – often low-risk, routine procedures carried out on Monday to Friday.

They said these coding errors distorted the mortality figures, making them appear better for patients admitted on weekdays. Here’s the real kicker, if these obvious mistakes are removed then there was NO ‘weekend effect’.

It seems The Hunt has fallen for the most basic error of all time – “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. He really does need sacking.

UPDATE: Follow the link to two videos. The first shows The Hunt trying to make-out he knows what he is on about and the second highlights his desire for Privatisation. LINK


The Hunt – A Bellend

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