Bomb Scare At Old Trafford And Nobody Thought To Ask Anybody

So the staff at Old Trafford are alerted to a suspicious package at the ground. Nobody thinks to themselves, “That’s funny, we had a Bomb Alert Training Session earlier this week. No point mentioning it though.”

The police are informed of the concerns of the staff at Old Trafford and yet nobody thinks, “Has there been any unusual activity within the stadium within the last week?”

The ‘security firm’, Security Search Management & Solutions Ltd, hearing the news didn’t think to themselves, “That’s odd, we were there earlier this week!”

You have to wonder at the lack of curiosity of any of these 3 groups. On the face of it, nobody put 2 and 2 together even if it might have made 3! Nobody connected the dots. It’s just pitiful.

Once you grasp the idea that nobody thought to ask the blindingly obvious questions what are left are the really frightening ones.

How did SSMS NOT know that they had not recovered all of their mock devices? Did nobody think to, ‘count them out and count them back in’?

You then have to wonder, “How long had it been there?” If it was a bomb then, “How long did it have to be detonated?” Then we have to ask, “How come the crowd were back in the stadium before it was discovered?”

It was a complete and utter cock-up on a monumental scale! Heads need to roll.


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