Let’s Trivialise A Vote That Will Have Implications For Years To Come

In the most half-arsed, thoughtless and clueless political campaign seen for years, today witnessed a new low. As if it didn’t already look like it had been planned on the back of a fag packet, today took a new turn. So entirely witless are the two sides involved in EU Referendum that we were forced to consider the views of the likes of Jude Law and Keira Knightley. Really? We thought this was a serious debate as it will make a difference to this country for years to come whichever way it goes. So the best those arguing their case can come up with are a bunch of luvvies.

We are not sure if we should feel insulted over this trivialisation of something so important. Who cares what any of these think? What do they know that we don’t already know? Why would anybody believe that their opinion on the EU is any more relevant than our own? The Dodgy-Dave team have managed to turn this, like everything else he touches, into an utter farce.

We can only guess that he imagines this brings it down to ‘the people’. What a patronising git he is. His pathetic camera opportunity crossing the zebra crossing at Abbey Road showed us just what an utter toss-pot he is.

Rather than getting his theatre friends to try and pretend they know more than us it might be an idea to make sure the overpaid luvvies have all paid their tax in full and none of them have ‘done-a-Panama’ like he did.

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He Tries So Hard And STILL Manages To Be A Dickhead

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