The Politicians Sunday Morning Sofa Surfing Just Gets Worse

Sunday morning TV and radio have always been pretty dire. Then they got taken over by politicians who would never show their face the rest of the week. They figured that Sunday was a ‘family’ day so they would never get any sort of pressure to reveal what they were really up to. They started to use it as a way of ‘spreading the message’ as they were confident that they would never be challenged.

Life was good and it meant that their sound-bites could be replayed, time after time, all through the day. A master stroke of political PR.

Then along comes this bloody EU referendum and the cak hits the fan. Suddenly all those casual lies and half-truths are being looked at. Even scrutinised! Now guess what? Who would have thought it? Some of them are utter cak! What a shocker.

It has now got to the stage where today we had Penny “Talking Cock” Mordaunt appearing on The Andrew Marr show claiming one thing only for Dodgy-Dave to appear later on Robert Peston and point out she had got it completely wrong! What an utter farce.

We can only guess that with a full month still to go it is only going to get worse – heaven help us!

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