Surge In EU Voter Registration – Who’d Have Thunk It?

Staggering that nobody who could do anything about it seemed to realise that a huge surge was inevitable. They have advertised the deadline for weeks, they have a live ‘debate’ on the telly the same night and the two ‘debaters’ are none other than Dodgy-Dave and Nigel Fromage. Unsurprisingly, all those who had not registered decided they did want to claim their vote.

Gosh! Shock! The site crashed. Just short of two-hours before the deadline the cak hit the fan. Fortunately, Matty Handcock has seen sense for once and extended the deadline until midnight Thursday.

What is a little scary is that it didn’t seem to take that may attempted registrations, given the population of the UK, to cock the system up. It seems that the peak users came at 22:15 BST when 50,711 people were using the service at the same time. Not exactly Springsteen ticket applications for Wembley numbers. There were 26,000 people on the site at 23:55 BST and 20,416 people using the site at 12:01 BST, just after the deadline.

Let’s hope it is all sorted for Thursday.

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