Nicky Morgan-Gove Has No Plans To Address The Crisis Of Teacher Shortages

That’s pretty easy to do if you don’t bother recognising them in the first place. She wanders around with her head up her arse and that lickspittle, Rick Gibb {the P is silent}, tries to convince everyone there is nothing to worry about.

There is so ‘nothing to worry about’ that teacher training targets have now been missed for four successive years. Are they trying to ‘out-perform’ Giddy Osborne? As usual, and we have seen with the pantomime of the EU referendum, the Dept. of Ed. just makes up numbers and they have found a way of calculating that there are 13,100 more ‘teachers’ than in 2010.

Of course what they call a teacher and what we would call a teacher are clearly two very different things.

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