Remain Or Leave? It’s Pretty Damn Easy Really

Poor old Dodgy-Dave must have woken up at 3 o’clock in the morning in the last few months asking himself, “wtf was I thinking of???”.

Yes, he’d said he’d have a referendum but he hadn’t said when. He had loads of wiggle room – 5 years in total. For some bizarre reason he decided to call for one with nearly 4 years of his ‘government’ to go. He’s starting to look worried that what should have been an obvious decision has been blurred by falsehoods and plain porky-pies from the likes of Johnson and Gove, both egged on by that little shit Fromage.

Now here at TheField you know full well what little time we have for Dodgy. You will also know we have even less time for Boorish, Gollum-Gove, Pretty Useless and that dreadful IDS. So where does that put us?

It’s the prisoner down in the dungeon and he knows there are two torturers. The rumour among the prisoners is that you want to be dragged through the door on the right.

You ask them, “Why’s that?”

“It’s like this, the bloke through the door on the right only chops off one bollock.”

So Dodgy is the bloke behind the door on the right. Nothing to cheer about but not as bad as the other option.

Looking at the likes of the other option three things strike us here.

None of them have any interest in those in the workforce. They regard them as pegs to be moved around to satisfy the money making whims of the financially elite. The first thing to go in the four years will be workers’ rights.

None of them have any real interest in the planet and will plunder the earth for all they can extract from it. Getting a fracking licence will become as easy as buying a postage stamp.

They will also do everything they can to secure a victory at the next election – with even fewer than 24.4% of the electorate voting for them! All they need to do for this is move the boundaries around a bit and with no final overseer they will be able to get away with it.

So it’s no choice but the choice is obvious – vote to remain. After all, Dodgy isn’t that bad . .. … for a complete and utter tosser!

what a choice

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