Our Glorious New Leader Has A Message For Us

In a typical Bullingdon Bully Boy boast it seems Boorish has assumed the role of the new El Presidente! There will be a few noses put out of joint but Blustering Bumble Boy will not worry about that.

Gollum Gove will be left with a bloody nose and at least IDS must have known he would never get a second chance.

The Remain camp must be really pissed. Giddy had assumed the job was a-good-un and all he had to do was turn up. Tess thought she was in with a shout but that about 3 years ago.

Obviously, being the Tory party, there are a few Jokers in the pack and the rumour around Westminster is that Nikki Morgan and Liam ‘I’ve Got A Friend’ Fox think they are in with shout. It’s difficult not to feel sorry for the poor deluded souls but we can avoid it. What a pair of utter prats! Leader? Our big fat arse!

So what message does El Presidente have to inspire the plebs? All is revealed:


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