Post EU Referendum It’s Like The Mad-Hatter’s Tea Party Around Here!

The ink was barely dry on the print-out of the result before the Brexit team were distancing themselves from their promises. Suddenly the Battlebus promising £350 million a week was put to one side. Half the team saying, “I never said that” and the other half claiming it was something that was feasible but that it had been extrapolated to illustrate a point.

Then it seemed that immigration isn’t going to be halted after all and nothing is going to happen for two years anyway. Mainly, it would seem, because nobody bothered to think about what to do if they won!

The real hoot was Boorish talking to the Sky News Political reporter and claiming that it wasn’t them who needed the plan. No, it was Number 10 that should have the plan! Johnson is around the twist. LINK to a video.

Which brings us to the next stage of the tea party. With Dodgy telling them to all ‘stuff it up their arses’ the party are now looking for a new leader. Tess May and Giddy had been lining this little number up for some time but IDS throws in a curve ball. He reckons that anyone who voted ‘Remain’ shouldn’t be considered and, for once, he probably has a point.

With that, Gollum Gove and Boorish step forward as the wankers in waiting. This being the Tory party though they just had to provide us with some entertainment. Up jumps Nikky Morgan! We kid you not. She really is so utterly deluded she really does imagine that she stands a chance. More to be pitied than scorned.

Then we have Liam ‘Slimy Git’ Fox who seriously thinks a} he could do the job b} anyone, apart from his best ‘friend’, would vote for him. What a total tosser.

So with the Tories exposed with their knackers hanging ready for a good kicking what have Labour decided to do? Well they have decided to fight amongst themselves and to pretend that Tony Bliar is still loved by the voters. What happens when Chilcot is published and Bliar is marched off to The Hague to stand trial? Nobody seems to have thought about that!

So nobody has been running the country for the last 5 weeks. There is likely to be very little enthusiasm to do much in the next 4 weeks as they prepare for their holidays and then they all bugger off for 12 weeks. Hardworking MPs? Our big, fat, hairy, office arses!! Now pass us the cakes and let’s have some more tea, vicar.


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