Did Boris Bottle It Or Did Gove Stitch Him Up Like A Kipper?

Well as more and more is revealed is does look like Gollum Gove and that Dark Witch, Sarah Vine, led the dumbarse Boorish all the way down the garden path. When they left him there he suddenly realised he was clueless as to how to get back home!

Have no doubts, Gollum Gove is a Master at the Dark Arts – look at what he has done to Education and then walked away so as that halfwit Morgan-Gove is left to take all the flak. She is so dense she is even supporting Gollum in his bid for PM. She actually imagines he will give her a job if we are unlucky enough that he wins!!

‘House of Cards’? ‘Game of Thrones’? Amateurs compared to the duplicitous Gollum Gove. As for Boorish? He’ll go back to play the part of a performing clown and we’ll see him turning up on low-brow TV sofas where he will appear hyper-intelligent. Poor lad.

A link to a wonderful video. It is a version of the Hitler Bunker undated to account for Boorish and the Brexiteers. Certificate 18 – Very Strong Language:


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