Five Go Back-Stabbing In Westminster

The attack by Gollum-Gove on Boorish was just the hors d’oeuvres for what it about to come. Merely a taster as the five who have put themselves forward prepare to scrap it out to see who gets to live in 10 Downing Street. Let’s take a look at each of the combatants and consider just how worthy each of them is.

Let’s start with Gollum-Gove. Now here we really do have a two faced back stabber who was happy to stand alongside Boorish, shoulder to shoulder, as they peddled lie after lie about leaving Europe. First chance he got he stabbed him and finished him off. Add to this that he is the one who has alienated teachers all across the country and has left our schools in crisis – unless you are in a position to be able to set-up your own – and we really do have a little shit. PM score – 3.

Then we have the joker in the pack and late entrant Steve Crabb. Now it has been reported that Crabby is homophobic and who appears to belong to the line of thought that being homosexual is something that can be ‘cured’. We can only begin to imagine what else it is he considers we need to be ‘saved’ from? PM score – 2

Creeping up in the rear is the Fox. Now he is a right creepy git and has a record of being very dodgy when it comes to his expenses. He has done nothing these last 8 weeks other than appear on every TV programme he can find so we can only imagine what he could have done for any of his constituents. Of course the real elephant in the room is what position would he want to give to his ‘friendAdam Werritty? PM score – 1

Then we have the real late entry in the shape of Andrea Hedge-Fund. She was a banker which must never ever be forgotten. She is also a banker who believes she should be trusted. Well at least she has a sense of humour. She was more than happy to play her part in the out and out lie that £350 million a week went to the EU and would now be spent on the NHS. Add to that she is now supported by IDS and it is clear she also has a very Nasty Party streak. PM score – 3.5

So we come to Tess. The frightening thing is that she is probably the best of the bunch. So much for ‘the brightest and best’! At least she is the best IF you ignore she wants to snoop into everything you do, has decimated all border controls, alienated the police force, has G4 running our prisons whom her husband has his fingers right into and, despite what the right-wing press will tell you, has been a dreadful Home Secretary now for 6 very long years. PM score – 4

It’s pretty obvious that we are stuffed whichever of these chancers gets into Number 10. Their first priority is to themselves and the chance of them being worried about what happens to the rest of us is way, way down the list. The worst part is that, IF it goes to a vote, that means just 130,000 Tory voters are going to pick our Prime Minister for the next 4 years. What a farce.

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