Remember All That “Take Back Control” Tosh?

Time to have a look at a few numbers after the fiasco of the EU Referendum.

Only 72.15% of the electorate actually voted.

The difference in the In/Out vote was 1,269,501 – that’s just 2.73% who are making a difference.

12,948,018 voters didn’t bother to vote – doesn’t say a lot for our ‘hardworking’ politicians that they couldn’t get more of them out.

So just 2.73% of the electorate are dictating what the whole country will do.

Just 330 Tory MPs will now whittle down the prospective leaders down to just two.

At this point a mere 0.32% of the electorate will choose the next Prime Minister to take over for nearly 4 more years.

So just WHO has taken back control?

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