Even Now, Bliar Continues To Peddle His Fantasy That He Was Right And Nobody Else Understands

Here at TheField Towers we never trusted Bliar from day one. When the Labour Party lost the great hope John Smith none of us here could support them anymore. Bliar was obviously a Tory in Labour Clothing.

His obsession with himself proved we were right and his desire for personal wealth, to all other concerns, made us despise him even more. When he took us to war it’s fair to say that pretty much turned to revulsion.

For a man who had been provided with the sort of education that he had received to believe such a cock and bull story based on “45 minutes” beggars belief. He believed the utter cock because he WANTED to believe the utter cock.

Did he have visions of Thatcher and the Falklands in his head? Only Bliar knows that but it’s a very strong possibility.

So what are we to make of today? We here feared a whitewash from Chilcot but the boy done good. He didn’t pull any punches and went as far as he could within the narrow framework he had been given.

Then Bliar appeared on our screens. Not to apologise, face to face, with the families of those who had lost loved ones. Oh no. He continued his constant desire for personal publicity and did it to a group of journalists. The git really is so contemptible. Naturally he went on to explain that Chilcot had got a few things right but that he, the mighty Bliar, had been right all along. What an utter arsehole.

blair satan

“I Told You I Was Right”

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