Ian Hislop Reminds Everyone That Things Don’t Just ‘Go Away’ Unless They Were Involved In The Referendum

Question Time these days is pretty dire stuff. The BBC only seem to be able to present us with two groups of panellists. We often get the same sad faces who will only ever say what they said before and even said the time before that. If it’s not them then we are offered some idiot who nobody has ever heard of and is unlikely to ever hear of them again.

Occasionally we do get somebody who makes a lot of sense. It’s probably because he is not controlled by some party Whip but Ian Hislop does know what he is on about. He has, as you probably know, been involved with Private Eye for years and he knows what is going on.

We were fortunate to have a few pearls of wisdom from him last night.

Here is the most interesting 14:13 mins of the hour long show but the real part occurs at 10:20 into the clip. Just click on the red/grey timeline until you find 10:20 and listen to Hislop from there.

For just the short clip then try this link if the BBC keep it there: LINK


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