So Was Or Wasn’t Andrea Loathsom A ‘Senior Investment Officer’

Well according to Robert Stephens, who worked at Invesco Perpetual where Loathsom, mother of three, also worked, she has exaggerated her role at the company.

He explained, “She was sort of in charge of pay and rations as one of my former colleagues put it. A very important job, but not a job that entitles you to call yourself either a banker or an investment manager.”

Oh dear, it’s starting to stack-up a touch and none of it looks very good. Mothering, CV, job titles – who knows what might come next?

The Channel 4 News clip with Robert Stephens.

UPDATE: Here is Profile from Radio 4 that also seems to reveal a few ‘misunderstandings‘ that seem to have cropped up. Never mind. LINK

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