So Amongst All The Chaos Where Were The Little Nuggets Of Bliss?

Obviously the real joy came from seeing the Big Boys all get sacked. Kicking Giddy Osborne out must have given Tess the greatest enjoyment. The idea of that smug git having to sit on the backbenches is just wonderful – if he can manage to get up on a Wednesday now.

The TV-Repair-Man, John Whittingdale, will not be whipping up a storm anywhere near Westminster again and those at the BBC can take his face off of their dartboards now.

That poor old shit-for-brains, Nicky Morgan, is also out on her ear. What an absolute disaster she was. Who first came up with the idea of making her Minister of Education? The team around her need sacking as well. Let’s hope this also means that Nick Gibb is out on his arse first.

Gollum Gove. What an utter arsehole and he has finally been found out. Now sacked and, we hope, never heard of again.

Our particular joy here at TheField is the sacking of that bag-of-cak, Ollie Litter-Bin. That useless ballsack is our MP!!  He doesn’t represent any of us here and he never ever will. He is the personification of everything that is wrong with electoral system. We guess he’ll have more time to play tennis on his own court now.

There are many more to catch up on but for now there are just two we will mention. The first is that dreadful Anna Sourface – the Katie Hopkins of Westminster. What a dreadful individual which leaves us wondering how truly appalling must the others looking to be Tory candidate have been and how abysmal must the other party candidates have been at the election?

The other joy is to see the back of that smug git Dominic Raab – gone and already forgotten.


The Truth Hits Ollie Litter-Bin

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