Nice To See That Dodgy-Dave Stayed Just As Dodgy Right To The Very End

The arrogance of the Bullingdon Boy has never been in doubt but the blatant “two-fingered” salute as he left was truly breath-taking. He was more than happy to totally disregard all the advice he was being given in order to ‘reward’ his chums and cronies.

He is well known for appointing Spads. Now a Spad is, in theory, a special political advisor, but some have clearly been just one of his mates. They are unelected and completely unaccountable to the electorate. In other words a Spad is just a toady of the worst kind.

Dodgy isn’t the first to employ these types of course. Old Tory Bliar was the first to really get into appointing them and he had them coming out of every orifice.

Now with Dodgy having been effectively sacked as a result of the EU Referendum vote then all of his Spads will also get sacked. What will they do for money, we hear you ask, never. Fear not! Dodgy has the answer.

By way of a, “Thank-You”, Dodgy-Dave has signed off a severance pay deal to the tune of an additional £282,000. Yes, over a quarter of a million of our money, extra.

Senior civil servants told him not to be so stupid but Dodgy just carried on because his chums were suddenly going to lose their jobs.

To be fair to the Spads, though heaven knows why, they were entitled to a grand sum of £747,045 anyway. Yes, that really is nearly three-quarters of a million of our money. By Dodgy stepping in this has taken the total to £1,029,938. Yes, that really is over one million of our money.

Having got away with it this pay-out means a further 30 Spads could end up getting exactly the same deal.

Remember all that, “All In This Together” load of old bollox? LINK

dodgy dodg sing

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