While Tess Tries To Pretend She Is Mother Thatcher It Is Worth Remembering –

Since 2009 the number of police officers in England and Wales has fallen by 19,703 according to their own figures. That’s a fall of 14%.

We had back in those days a force of 143,769 whereas now it is down to just 124,066. In that same time the population of England and Wales has increased. Go figure.

To add to the problem the complexity and stress of the job in the 2010’s has seen the number of officers on long-term sick leave increase.

Along with this the police have also seen a drop in their budget of 18% in real terms. As usual, the Home Office can only come out with a load of old cak that suggests that the government has done a wonderful job and proved that, with reforms, the Force can deliver more with less.

If only the useless bastards in Parliament followed the same mantra and cut their numbers by 400. Not the slightest chance of that though – ‘jobs for the boys’ is all that bloodsucking crowd are interested in.

As the threat of terrorists comes ever closer to our own streets the false economy of the cutting the police force will come and bite them in their arse one day – then and only then they will wonder how it happened. Enjoy your 8 week holiday you utter wasters!

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