So What Do You Get A Three Year Old Git, Who Is Never Going To Do A Day’s Work In His Life, And Who Already Has Everything?

So what has he got already? Let’s have a little trawl through the interweb and see what we can piece together. The first is that it is just as well he doesn’t have to worry about The Bedroom Tax as his gaff seems to have ten of them for the four family members. That’s the one in Norfolk anyway, who knows how many of the 775 rooms at Buck Palace he’s been granted!

The good thing for him is that he doesn’t have to tell us. In the wisdom of Tony Bliar he decided that when he introduced the Freedom of Information Act for us plebs the royals were not included. What a heap of cak.

Have you got a stamp with your face on it? George has, along with a £5 coin which, if in perfect condition, could be worth up to £50,000.

You might look forward to getting a caravan when you retire along with many other people. George doesn’t have to wait. He’s already got a £18k one that looks like a cottage. Sweet.

He even has his own royal clothes collection, we are not making this up, and he has made it into the GQ list of the “50 Best Dressed Men In Britain”.

It is stuff like that which makes sure we really do think of him as a right little git.

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