Phil Green Manages To Look An Even Bigger Dick Than We Already Thought He Was!

Phil Green, the dodgiest of dodgy gits who can even make Dodgy-Dave look half ethical, has demanded an “immediate apology”. We just couldn’t make utter cak like this up! HE wants an apology!! Is his head currently rammed right up his own arse?

He actually imagines that Frank Field should do so for comments he made about his running of the collapsed retailer BHS. After all, Fatty-Phil really made a good job of that!

Fatty-Phil ran away from BHS leaving its pension scheme in deficit to the tune of £571 million. There are 11,000 people who are in the process of losing their jobs and some 22,000 are in turmoil over their pensions that they thought were safe.

You have to ask, what sort of an utter prat would give such a dodgy git an ‘honour’ of ANY description in the first place?

philip green fat slob beach crop

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