When Is Recycling Not Really Recycling? When It’s A Paper Coffee Cup!

The UK manages to get through 10,000 paper coffee cups in just 10 minutes. Some of these are just a little bit recyclable but there are only 2 sites in the UK who can do this. One of them has never seen a paper coffee cup while the other has seen just 1% of these cups turn up for processing.

It would be great to think the cardboard used is all recycled in the manufacture of them but the inner surface is in contact with a consumable ‘food’. This means it must be brand new every time. Oddly enough the big three, Starbucks, Caffe Nero and Costa, don’t seem to mention this point!

There is loads more to see on this issue and it’s all on the telly on Thursday at 9 o’clock on BBC1 {28/07/2016}. Recycled? Recycled my arse!

coffee 2a

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