If You Can’t Be Bothered To Feed It, Why On Earth Have You Got It?

The bond between an owner and their pet is strengthened each and every day by the simple act of feeding them. Providing your loved one with food is something they come to rely on, look forward to and love you for as a result. It establishes the owner as the ‘leader of the pack’ and the one to be followed; although cats might beg to differ on this point.

Why then would anybody buy a pet feeder that they can operate from their bloody phone from miles away? Phone home and a little tray slides out and feeds Fido with a measured amount for him to sit and eat all alone at home.

“But I can’t always be there!” Maybe you shouldn’t have the pet in the first place then? You really should feel that ‘tug’ of needing to be home to feed Tibbles because that’s part of your commitment to your four-legged friend and companion.

Sounds to us at the offices of TheField that this is a case of a pet having been acquired as a fashion accessory and not as a living creature to be cared for and nurtured. If you think you need a Smart-Feeder do you really need a pet?


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