Hinkley: She May Do, She May Not

Seems Tess was concerned about the level of Chinese investment some two years ago and was particular worried about the approach by Giddy Osborne. She was ‘unhappy’ about his very ‘gung-ho’ pursuit of the deal and has deferred the decision until late autumn.

Poor old EDF, from France, do seem to be caught in the middle even though they are financing most of the £18bn required to complete this project – well that’s the price today. Expect it to end up near £30bn at least.

Vince ‘The Postman’ Cable spilt the beans about Tess not being sold on the Chinese investment initiative. He told the BBC, Theresa May was, I think, quite clear she was unhappy about the rather gung-ho approach to Chinese investment that we had – and that George Osborne in particular was promoting – and as I recall raised objections to Hinkley at that time.”

Makes our suspicions about those Dodgy and Giddy deals with the Chinese had even longer legs than we appreciated at the time.

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